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 Classical Acupuncture of Kansas is Located at 2913 SW Plass Ct Suite D Topeka, KS 66611.

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New dõTERRA Essential Oils

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dõTERRA Essential Oils


Using essential oils is intuitively simple and highly satisfying. However, the many oils available with dõTERRA’s numberless combinations and wellness applications can be a  bit overwhelming to beginners.  Ms. Schuttera will guide you through your first step on your journey with essential oils.  Essential Oils will provide you and your family a compelling experience that will enhance the properties of therapeutic grade essential oils.

For more information Please visit the dõTERRA  link on our Website.

What acupuncture can help with

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Yes – acupuncture has the potential to help with tinnitus.  It may take a series of treatments as acupuncture works at getting to the cause of the problem and not just masking symptoms.  Please don’t hesitate to call me at 554-7558 if you would like to talk in person and I can answer your questions in a more detailed manner.  Thank you for your contact.